Mountain Hotel Obersteinberg (1800m)

Candle light and gas lamps, local specialities, a working dairy farm, mule transport of goods - this is the Mountain Hotel Obersteinberg.

Enjoy a holiday amidst nature, wildlife and the mountains. The hotel is only accessible by foot, approx 2 hours from Stechelberg or 4 hours from Mürren.

Cosy rooms or dormitory accommodation.

Tel. ++41 (0)33 855 20 33

Open from 30 May to 30 September.

Prices, overnight with half board per Person:

Adults CHF 71.00
Children 6-12 year old: CHF 50.00
Private rooms:   
Adults: CHF 93.00
Children 6-12 year old: CHF 70.00
Surcharge for single room: CHF 30.00


Mountain Hotel Obersteinberg
Family von Allmen
CH - 3824 Stechelberg

Tel. ++41 (0)33 855 20 33